Stories of Critical times for Small Businesses during COVID-19: Episode 2

Stories of Critical times for Small Businesses during COVID-19: Episode 2

In our previous excerpt, we had discussed how harshly the COVID-19 Pandemic had disrupted business for a Salon Owner in Cambridge city of Massachusetts.

Little did we know that just downstairs to it is the Black Sheep Bagels, a merry business primarily thriving on the remarkable flow of students into it. The owner, Manny Ramirez said that after running the business smoothly without a hitch for two years and finally getting converted into a hub of school students, there came a day, a Thursday, when students came to him about the sudden end of their semester on campus.

Ramirez said, and we quote, “It’s kind of chaotic right now, as a small business owner in Harvard Square. We’re feeling the pressure, we’re scared. I know a lot of my peers, small business owners in the neighborhood, who are also scared.”

Black Sheep Bagels is in the threat of losing approximately 40% of revenue, now since the students at Harvard are gone, says Ramirez. Again, with more than a dozen employees to pay for, he also has to bear labor costs that are there to stay.

[Source: http://bit.ly/35yOLWU ]

Not just Black Sheep Bagels, but there are numerous other Restaurants and Cafes across Boston that demand the attention of more customers, but are failing to do so due to the sudden shutdown of schools and universities and official centers. A few of them are already on the verge of shutting down since their regular customers, primarily the students’ community, have left town.

All the more reason to initiate #Raksha

Medpick is striving to help businesses cope up with the sudden loss of customers and revenue, by donating protective face masks for free. This would allow the local businesses to keep running safely, and consumers to store-hop threat-free, without the panic of COVID, looming over them.

Visit us at http://bit.ly/2ShCVel and help Medpick in supporting our small businesses in coping with the Pandemic the right way.

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