Preventing Incontinence Issues with Rip n Go!

Preventing Incontinence Issues with Rip n Go!

Every family has encountered a point in their lives where incontinency has played a huge role as a hurdle in their day-to-day lives. Be it, babies, young kids, or aged adults, incontinency has resulted in uncomfortable sleep nights and therefore, unhappy lives. 

Let’s see how.

In Babies: When your babies wake up in the middle of the night crying, they’re not having a deep sleep. The sensation of wet diapers and crib sheets creep into their sleep and wake them up. Every parent would want their babies to have a good slumber, thus keeping the wake-up times short and sweet. 

Again, changing crib sheets in the middle of the night is a wholesome task. 

One has to reach down towards the crib and lift the mattress up from each corner to remove the fitted sheet and drop it and pick it up again to fit a new sheet. 

In Kids: Pediatricians reported that there were approximately 300 kids who were bed-wetters. But surprisingly, over the last 10 years, the count has tripled. This wasn’t because the number of kids increased, but instead, the ones who grew older were still wetting the bed.

But why?

Prolonged use of night-time diapers has made your child’s sphincter muscle weak!! No matter how healthy or disabled your child is, the only reason he/she is still wetting the bed is that the sphincter muscle is too weak to hold the weight of urine inside. 

In Adults: In older adults, there are very high possibilities of developing skin rashes if they wear diapers for a longer period of time. As a result, the chances of a comfortable sleep cut down to a minimum. 

Grab the easiest way to dry nights and deep sleep!!

Let go of diapers today and just use Rip n Go!

 Rip n Go is a  Waterproof Mattress Protector with inbuilt incontinence bed pads that are both detachable and waterproof. Rip off the wet sheet and attach a new one, all in less than 20 seconds! 

It comes in a pack of 2 detachable waterproof pads and one fitted mattress pad protector cover. 

Rip n Go allows one to enjoy features such as

  1. Corner Shoulder Lock System:- It prevents the corner of the fitted sheet from sliding off and thus avoids the need to retuck again. 
  2. Easy Grab Corners on Bottom Rip n Go Sheet:- This enables one-sided bed changes with no requirement for over-reaching or bed-lifting. 
  3. Detachable over pads:- They stop the pads from gathering beneath the body.
  4. Poly-cotton weaves:- Helps to draw moisture to the left and right of the body, preventing infections and wounds. 

Rip n Go Waterproof Mattress Protector doesn’t just save your time, it saves your money too! 

         Costs of Diapers/Pull-ups               Costs of Rip n Go 
              $359.00 for a year             $125.95 for a single bed
              $718.00 for two years             $145.00 for a double bed

“Rip n Go gives you better quality at a better price!”

Where to buy them?

You can buy incontinence bed pads online at Medorna

Medorna is a Boston based online store for health, beauty products, and wellness products. To know more, visit Medorna at http://medorna.com

Why use Rip n Go?

  • The Waterproof Mattress Protector system lasts up to 5 years.
  • Each one of the incontinence bed pads can withstand up to 400 washes.
  • Can throw it in the dryer.
  • You can use it for a second child.
  • It can be used for all types of mattresses, including pressure relief mattress. 

From attending to babies at midnight to taking care of your elder ones, these innovative bedsheets have made bed changes a simpler chore.

No more diaper nights!! 

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