What is Medpick?

Medpick is a MedTech company that helps hospital & pharmacies to buy medical supplies, devices and equipment through a market concept.

What we Do?

Healthcare businesses procure medical supplies through traditional contractual means from local distributors. Lack of transparency and price comparison is a lost opportunity to optimize their revenue. Medpick moves procurement to a marketplace concept where businesses can automate purchases and eliminate contracts. Live price alerts, price comparison and direct interaction with source are few of the benefits.


We envision reaching every healthcare business in India.


We are on a mission to positively impact healthcare delivery and make healthcare accessible to people. We do it through helping businesses reduce their supply chain costs and pass on the savings to the patients.

Who Benefits?


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Healthcare is changing ‘be an early adopter’.

Physician-engaged sourcing at Medpick is aimed at standardization and optimization of medical supplies procurement. It is always aligned towards ‘patient first’ clinical care. Hospitals get access to new and refurbished medical devices & equipment from USA.

Market Place Procurement
from source

Installation & Service
Financial Assistance
Advanced Security
for your equipments

Traditional pharmacy business is broken - Medpick helps you transform at no cost.

With the abundance of local and chain pharmacies, and price control on medicine, competition is high.
Medpick works with local pharmacies and enables them with technology to receive prescriptions from new customers. They gain an edge over their competitors with access to bulk pricing and business credit from our financial partners. Pharmacists feel that the procurement process hampers their work and brings down their productivity and we are here to solve that problem.

Increase customer footfall through Medpick mobile app

Medpick wholesale app helps pharmacies to procure from suppliers

Access to reports assisting your business

Avail business credit for all purchases made through Medpick from our financial partners.

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Database-Driven marketing to help Improve your Revenue.

Manufacturers & Suppliers spend huge amount of money and resource son marketing their products with hospitals & distributors. Where they lack the current database-driven marketing and lost opportunities. Medpick helps them to market their products to our network hospitals and launch their products and process payments for a fraction of their actual marketing spend. We help them become lean and efficient with assisted supply chain.

Help reduce marketing spend

Increase customer base by generating new leads

Process payments, deliver data driven inputs to improve sales

Get the bills paid on Time through our financial Partners.

Medical supplies and devices distribution is financially intensive for distributors, They are forced to maintain inventories more than what is usually required. Poor bill payments from their clients reduce their negotiation capability with the manufacturers. Medpick streamlines their supply chain with valuable insights regarding their client’s consumption. Process their payments through our financial partners as soon as the product is delivered. Market their products through our pharmacy networks.

Market their products through Our network pharmacies

Process payments through our financial partners - No need to wait for receipts

Access to medpick mobile application to reach new customers

Our Story

About us

In 2016, We identified problems and challenged ourselves to develop solutions.

While Soujanya and Ranjit were practicing patient care in hospitals they noticed something significant. Technology was not being leveraged to simplify the supply chain and automate procurement. Gaps in the procurement process resulted in lost revenue and inefficiency.

This translated to expensive treatment, wastage, and poor inventory management for hospitals.

Meanwhile, they found that hospitals & pharmacies in USA had well-structured supply chain. Tools were optimized to automate and simplify procurement process. It resulted in efficient medical treatment and reduced cancellations due to product unavailability. Increase in revenue in comparison to those using traditional methods. This felt like such lost opportunity.

Finally, after many brainstorming sessions we teamed up with Narotam and our nerds to build Medpick. Businesses want to increase revenue and remain competitive. They wanted to make treatment affordable.

It was time to give access to tools which can make this happen. We developed a platform and collaborated with manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies.Moved the procurement process to marketplace and made it transparent. We called it,


Our Team

Ranjit Makam

CEO & Co-Founder

Ranjit is the Co-Founder of Medpick, a B2B platform for medical supplies & devices. With the mission of positively impacting health delivery system in India he started Medpick (Medorna Health Systems) in 2017 with Soujanya Parvataneni, a fellow alumnus from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, the country’s premier institution for public health & administration.

Before Medpick, Ranjit worked as a physician, public health professional, teacher & health care administrator for WHO, CARE, UNDP and MUA. Usually in the habit of identifying a problem and working on it until solved, time has shown he’ll do so even if it means sacrificing his job and starting a new business. After numerous arduous experiences he realized that finding meds in India was a much-dreaded task that no one wanted to do, but that everyone was forced to. Having worked in the USA and dealt with its digitized medical system, along with other like-minded professionals understood how much more technology could be doing to connect patients & businesses to their needs. There is a tremendous scope for improvement in this sector as it is largely scattered. His solutions are aimed at bringing order to this disorganized industry.

Soujanya Parvataneni


Soujanya is the Co-Founder of Medpick, a B2B platform for medical supplies & devices. With the mission of positively impacting health delivery system in India he started Medpick (Medorna Health Systems) in 2017 with Ranjit Makam, a fellow alumnus from the Bertolon School of Business, Boston, MA.

At Medpick, Soujanya leads collaborations with manufacturers and refurbished distributors in USA. She is responsible for market research and establishing the product need. When she is not doing anything serious she will be traveling around USA to explore new places and know different culture.

Narotam Wadhwa


Narotam is serial entrepreneur with work experience in Dubai, Nairobi, and India. Narotam has an experience of over 35 years in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industry. He has travelled across the globe, worked in the Middle East and has been an entrepreneur in East Africa. He is actively engaged with overseas clients participating in Aero and Defence shows in India. He loves travelling, reading about spirituality and constantly keeping himself updated on current affairs. He is compassionate towards people and brings a smile on everyone’s face when he’s around.

Jeevan Makam

Sumathi Athuluri

Thara Pillai




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