Briutcare Smart Mesh Nebulizer

Briutcare Smart Mesh Nebulizer


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Bruitcare Smart Mesh nebulizer is a portable nebulizer that is suitable for both adults and children with countless benefits to improve nebulization treatment.

Briutcare’s Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer is a pocket-sized device with an innovative Patented Vibration Mesh Technology, now making your treatment more effective than ever. The nebulizer, used by both adults and children, has an adjustment rate allowing for a customized nebulization treatment to suit everyone’s needs. Children can now play an interactive game designed to encourage compliance and increase effectiveness throughout the administration process. Our Patented Vibration Mesh Technology creates particles smaller than 5-micrometers, with an MMAD of only 2.2-micrometers, meaning medication reaches the lower respiratory tract and alveolar for a shorter and more effective administration period. Patented Intelligent Aerosol Delivery senses exhalations and only delivers medication on inhalations to eliminate any cough feelings.

The nebulizer has a powerful lithium battery charged via a USB cable, lasting up to 4 hours of constant nebulization, all delivered under 35 dB for whisper-quiet operation.

Our main benefits:

  • Adjustable nebulization rate to suit your personal medicinal needs
  • Smartphone app with interactive games to encourage child compliance and reduce anxiety
  • IAD technology senses breaths to deliver medication only on inhalations, eliminating cough feelings
  • USB-chargeable embedded lithium battery with auto-shut-off to extend battery life.

Country of Origin: USA

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