Y One Headset – Pre-Order

Y One Headset – Pre-Order


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Now you can experience the unsurpassed sound quality of your Thinklabs One with the comfort and look of a traditional stethoscope.
Y One Headset is identical in size to a traditional stethoscope, with built-in deep bass loudspeaker drivers to give you the sound you expect from Thinklabs. Enjoy the timeless aesthetic with the performance of a Thinklabs One. The Best just got Better!

Y One can be used for regular clinical work, and as a headset for telemedicine voice+stethoscope communication in one device that’s amazingly easy to use.

So Easy to Use – Just plug it into your One and you’re ready to use it.

Standard Size and Form – Identical to a traditional stethoscope.

Amazing Sound – The loudspeakers are optimally positioned for incredibly resonant bass, ideal for heart and lung sounds.

Headset Features – If you’ll be doing telemedicine, Y One has a built-in microphone for you to hear the provider while you listen to the patient, and to talk back to the provider, all without even removing the eartips. An absolute game-changing innovation, only available from Thinklabs.

Traditional Form Factor + Thinklabs Performance

The Best of Both Worlds . . .

Stethoscope Form Factor

Get the audio performance of your One, with the form factor of your conventional stethoscope. World-beating sound on your shoulders.

Amazing Audio

You get the full power of Thinklabs One audio amplifiers reproduced by dual bass reinforcement loudspeaker drivers for amazing heart and lung sounds.

Plus Recording and Telemedicine Features

When you need connectivity, we’ve got you covered.

The New Standard in Telemedicine Simplicity

Built-in telemedicine interface with heart, lung and voice communication in one device – a first in the industry. Connect to PC or Mobile videoconference.

USB-C or Lightning – iOS, Android, PC Compatible.

Record sounds or connect to telemedicine conferences with ultra-reliable standard cable interfaces, included. No Bluetooth pairing problems!

Your Y One Headset Includes

  • Thinklabs’ high-performance Y One Headset;
  • Spare Eartips;
  • Soft carry bag for your One + Y;
  • Optional USB-C or Lighting Adapter cable

Thinklabs One – The smallest, best sounding stethoscope in the world!
The One fits in the palm of your hand and amplifies more than 100x, giving you the ability to hear heart and lung sounds like never before. With its best-in-class audio power and five filter settings, the One will make you more confident in what you’re hearing. Assembled in the USA using the finest quality materials, like hand-polished aluminum and sapphire-quartz crystal, the One is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Optional Phone/PC Connection

Heaset Only, Lighting iphone/ipad Connection Kit, USB-C Connection Kit, Telemedicine Kit

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