Jeeni Millet Traditional Mix Adult

Jeeni Millet Traditional Mix Adult


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Jeeni Millet Traditional Mix is power packed with rich proteins and nutrients, when consumed on empty stomach every morning and evening has the ability to reduce Blood Pressure , controls diabetes , Joint Pain, Body pain, increase immunity power, reduce heart problems, Development and repair of body tissue, increase red blood cells, controls asthma and thyroid problems. Jeeni Millet health mix contains 9 millets and 15 pulses and grains which are Finger Millet, Pearl millet, Great millet, Kodo millet, Brown top millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Proso millet, Horse gram, Green gram, Fenugreek, Channa Brown, Flax seeds, Red rice, Cardamom, Toor dal, etc…

Direction for Use:

Consume daily two times early morning on empty stomach and evening

  • Take approx. 0.033 oz ( 1.5Tbsp) of Jeeni Millet health mix and mix in 250ml water
  • Place on stove and cook for 5-10 minutes, keep stirring to avoid lumps
  • Add salt or jaggery according to taste
  • If needed serve the cooked mixture mixed with butter milk twice a week

1.1 lb, 2.2 lbs

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