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Securinject is a single-use safety syringe for dental anesthesia. It is an award-winning, patent-protected innovation that prevents accidental needle stick injuries and cross infections in dental practice.

Why use SecurInject?

Accidental needlestick injuries (NSIs) and cross infection are serious concerns in modern-day dentistry and are also known as Silent Killers. NSIs mainly occur due to recapping, passing of syringes, and improper disposal of waste which can further transmit blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV as well as blastomycosis, cryptococcosis, diphtheria, herpes, malaria, mycobacteriosis, syphilis, etc. Needlestick injuries may also lead to psychiatric morbidity including post-traumatic stress disorder.

A dentist administers an estimate of 2000 injections per year. The average cost of managing a needle stick injury is USD 747.

Key Features of SecurInject
  • An easy-to-use locking mechanism that allows to safely dismantle used needles for disposal.
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Single-use design to prevent cross-contamination
  • Cost-Effective: Securinject provides approximately 50% cost savings in comparison to a reusable dental syringe per use, which means a saving of 1200 USD per dentist annually.

  • The Cost of re-using a Standard Dental Anesthetic Syringe
    Purpose Costs
    Decontamination using automatic washer-disinfector (AWD) USD 0.23
    Sterilization pouch per syringe USD 0.06
    Sterilization using an autoclave USD 0.06
    Depreciation of stainless-steel syringe USD 0.15
    Handling by the dental assistant USD 0.75
    Total USD 1.25


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    Country of Origin: India

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