Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint


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Comfort Cool Thumb Wrap is a support product for people with arthritis. It offers Thumb CMC joint support, CMC joint stability, Tenosynovitis of thumb extensors support, and abductors stability. This includes arthritis in the thumb area. The Comfort Cool Arthritis Thumb Splint is made of thin neoprene fabric, giving extra stability while also having some flexibility. The Comfort Cool Thumb Brace also has perforations for better cooling and more comfortable wear. The terry cloth lining provides a small level of thickness around the areas that are supposed to apply pressure. The cloth on the Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint also provides more comfort while wearing for an extended period of time. It’s thin enough to fit underneath clothing such as long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and coats

Carpometacarpal (CMC) Arthritis happens when the cartilage in the thumb starts to deteriorate. This type of arthritis is common, but finding a way to manage the pain can become expensive. A solid solution in aiding with CMC arthritis is the Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint. The Comfort cool Splint provides support and light compression for CMC joint arthritis. Doing so helps keep your wrist from experiencing too much pain during the day and provides enough compression to last through the night.

The splint is specifically designed for CMC joint arthritis. The contoured straps will wrap around the wrist and finish close to the thumb once properly applied. The Comfort Cool Thumb Wrap Strap can be cut to make proper adjustments.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Provides Support and Compression for CMC Joint Arthritis
  • Neoprene Fabric for Stability and Flexibility
  • Perforations for Better Cooling and Comfort
  • Thin Enough to Wear Underneath Clothing
  • Soft Terry Cloth Lining

Product Specifications

  • Sizes: Small, Small Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Large Plus, X-Large.
  • Hand: Left or Right.
  • Measurements: 6 to 9 Inch Palm.
  • Colors: Black or Beige
  • Latex-Free
  • HCPCS: L3924
  • Brand: Comfort Cool
  • Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Black, Large – Left Hand, Black, Large – Right Hand, Black, Large Plus – Left Hand, Small,Left Hand


Comfort Cool

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