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XD 100 Respirator Mask

XD 100 Respirator Mask


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The XD100 is an affordable, autoclavable, and innovative respirator mask that is made of the highest medical-grade material and comes with a reusable filter and an exhaust valve for easy exhalation.

Why use XD100 Respirator Mask?

In the times of COVID-19, the demand for masks is many times higher than the manufacturing capacity and the number of quality manufacturers. The use of disposable masks not only contributes to environmental wastes but also induces excessive cost spending. The XD100 mask comes with an FFP3-N99/100 (NIOSH) reusable and changeable filter that is approved with EN1822 standard, efficient for trapping 99.97% of 0.3 micron-sized particles.

Key Features
  • Highest standards: DRDO tested and with FDA, CDC (USA), ISO and CE approvals
  • Re-usable: to improve the cost-effectiveness over a period of time
  • Material: Made of Highest standard medical grade material
  • Autoclavable
  • Silicon lining that helps in sealing (leak proof) and gives good comfort fit on the face leaving minimal marks
  • An Exhaust valve that helps release exhalation easily and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the mask
  • High-quality replaceable filters: To maintain optimum pressure drop inside
  • Highest medical grade silicon straps: Used to avoid skin irritation for longer use
  • Reasonable area inside the mask: For jaw movement needed to talk comfortably
  • Effortless Maintenance: Easy disinfection, cleaning, and storage
  • Long shelf life: Similar to any other medical device


Cost-Benefit of XD100 Respirator Mask

XD100 Respirator masks can be used throughout the year, as it is autoclavable, and comes with reusable filters, where one filter can be reused up to 10 days.

Costs of N95 Masks Costs of XD100 Respirator masks
$6 for one mask $ 55 for one mask
$432 for a year (1 mask/ 5 times) $104 for a year (including Reusable filters)

Country of Origin: India

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