Peeschute – Unisex Pocket – Super Saver Pack

Peeschute – Unisex Pocket – Super Saver Pack


Supersaver pack of 60 pee bags covers all your monthly needs. It is recommended for people having mobility issues and who find it difficult to access the washrooms. Ease your comfort level with this pack by using 2 pee bags per day on average. Travelers who have long journeys can also use this pack.


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Super Saver Pack. Peeschute is an innovative pocket-friendly product used for urinating when access to the washroom is difficult. This unisexual paper bag instantly turns human urine in non-liquid state to keep it leakproof, odorless, and hygienic. Peeschute is best recommended for people with temporary/permanent mobility issues who find difficulties in accessing the toilet and travelers who continuously face urine problems due to the unavailability of washrooms nearby.



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